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Contact us today and let our sales team know what vision you have for your wheel and tire project and we will provide you a quote backed by the best customer service, workmanship, and pricing.

We can create any custom wheel and tire package you want to build for your Trailer or RV. We have many brands & styles to choose from such as Fuel and Gladiators. We are highly committed to strengthening customer relationships by delivering a safe, cost effective, reliable product for your recreational vehicle (RV), cargo, utility, marine, horse/livestock, and heavy-duty equipment.

Prevent RV & TRAILER blow out damage:

Common Travel Trailer tire and axle problems.When a tire blows on a travel trailer , RV or coach, it often does some significant damage to the wheel wells. Damage like this is not always avoidable, but it can be somewhat preventable. The key is to recognize some common ailments before they become tire throwing problems for you when you are on your next trip. Here is what you need to look for to keep your travel trailer from becoming a tire throwing monster on your next outing:

Excessive heat:

A travel trailer tires worst enemy is heat. Common preventable heat can result from under- or over-inflation, driving faster than the tire’s speed rating or from overloading the tire with more weight than it is designed to handle.The first thing you need to check before going on a long trip in the high heat is tire pressure. It takes about five minutes and can save you thousands in RV repair costs.

Next re-acquaint yourself with the tires load and speed ratings. Add up the total tire capacity and compare to the loaded trailer’s gross weight.

Axle alignment issues:

Beyond simple tire fixes, one thing that will wear out a trailer tire quickly is having axles that are out of alignment. Now this is one of those issues that you might not notice when looking at your travel trailer. Because the misalignment might be slight. But if a trailer’s suspension is really out of alignment, has a bent spindle or badly sagging springs, it can get ugly real fast!


One big tire blowing problem when pulling your rig is porpoising. This is when you hit something in the road such as a pothole and the trailer just keeps bouncing up and down.

Tires coming into contact with each other:

On a tandem or a triple axel trailer, if the front and rear tires or middle and rear tires make contact with each other than some part of the suspension could be broken or worn so much that it allows a lot of movement.

Wrong tire size:

if you bought your unit used, the previous owner may have put the wrong tire size on it. It might not be apparent sitting on the ground, but when hitting a bump the tires could come in contact with each other.

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